Deughar : Tourist place

Vaidyanatha jyotir linga temple also known as BABA Baidyanath dham, and baidya nath dham is one the twelve jyotirlingas , the most sacred abodes of shiva. It is located in Deughar in the santhal parganas division of the state of jharkhand, india. It is a temple complex consisting of the main temple of Baba Baidya nath , where the jyotirlinga is installed , and 21 others temples.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

In january 1962 , on the occasion of swami vivekananda’s birth centenary , a group of people formed the Kanyakumari committee whose objective was to put up a memorial on the rock and the pedestrian bridge leading to the rock .Almost simultaneously the ramkrishna mission in madras planned about this memorial .

Karnatak : Unknown things

City of karnataka

The largest state of south india , karnataka is no less than a wonder, considering the fact that it is one of the oldest regions in india and is popular for its age – old culture , traditions and heritage. It is also rightly said that karnataka is one of the few states in india without which the contry is certainly incomplete .

Home to IT hub , sandalwood forests ,age – old monuments , highly revered pilgrimage sities and innumerable natural marvels , karnataka is complete package for every kind of traveller . However , there are still certain things which a very few people know about . These are also the facts that help in defining the beauty of karnataka . So wouldn’t you love to know about the interesting facts ? If yes then read on .

The largest Exports of coffee : yes karnatak is the largest exporter of coffee in the country and only a true kannadiga would know this . Did you know this ? Will, if not , then let us tell you in detail that coffee was cultivated for the first time in india chikmagalur several centuries ago.

Since then, coffee plantations are common in this beautiful state. Today , karanataka is not only the largest exporter of coffee but also one of the biggest consumer . Hence , it wouldn’t be wrong to say that coffee is karanatakas state bevarage .

Flourish most number of tigers : karnataka is home to several wildlife sanctuaries and nationals parks, thanks to the presence of the western ghats in the state which one of the hottest biodiversity spots in india . Hence, it has become successful in retaining the highest population of tigers in india today . As per a recent survey , there are more than 400 big cats flourishing in the national parks and sanctuaries of karnataka.

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Taminadu : vikramsingapuram :it is a small town located in Ambasamudram taluk and on the banks of river Thaamirabarani ,46 km from tirunelveli , the capital of the district .This place is at the souther most end of the western ghats which is called as “podhigai hill” various religions and castes people are residing peacefully here .

It is close to the Agasthiyar Falls , on the banks of the thamirabarani river.The falls has significant flow throughout the year unlike the seasonal kutralam falls .

Karaiyar Dam is located 49 km from tirunelveli , and it is tourist picnic spot .papanasam is 38 km west of tirunelveli , and includes the Agasthiyar falls by which the tamirabaraniriver descends into the plains .The water drops from a height of 100 m over a wall of rock , covered both sides by forested hills of the western ghats .The water is believes by Hindu debotees wash away all sinsand there is a legend that close to the falls , on the bank of tamirparani river Siva And Parvati appeared before Agasthiyar .